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              • Customer :Arcadyan Technology Corporation
              • Category :OA Office Series
              • Date :June 14, 2016
              • Status :Normal
              • Address :Vietnam


              Undesirable phenomenon:

              1. Bubbles inside the product, NG for light guide (as shown below).


              2. Deformation of the elastic reset buckle of the product (as shown below).


              Reason: Due to the long packing pressure of 11×11×11 during molding, the PC material has poor fluidity. The design diameter of the main channel ?4 affects the fluidity during molding. The size of the inlet: 0.8×1.2, which affects the inlet Unreasonable ejection design for speed and pressure. Only 4 ?1.5 ejectors are ejected. Due to the large injection pressure required by the light guide, ejection is unbalanced and the product sticks to the mold.

              What We Did

              Changhong Technology's OA office series products provide customers with one-stop service, from the initial structural transformation of the product to mold design and manufacturing, to the assembly of semi-finished products, we continue to strive for innovation as always, even if it is affected by the global economic environment Strive to ensure that the customer's Q/C/D is achieved.

              Cases: Konica Minolta, Brothers, Kyocera, Zebra, etc.

              • Solution One
                The diameter of the main channel increases ?4→?7 (as shown on the right).
              • Solution Two
                The glue inlet is increased: 0.8×1.2→2.5×3.5 (as shown on the right).
              • Solution Three
                The ejection design adds the ejection of the top block (as shown in the figure below).


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              Final Results

              1. The light guide of the product is ok.
              2. The product elastic reset button is ok.