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        What is plastic worm mold: Step by Step Guide

        What is plastic worm mold: Step by Step Guide

        Feb 22, 2021
        By hqt

        Plastic molding, what is it and how does it works?

        Plastic is a material that is present daily in our lives. It is present in everything we touch and use. But we don't usually wonder how it works to take its shape. Moreover how does plastic worm mold work to take its final appearance?
        These first molds are usually come with steel or aluminum and various tests go through to verify the final result.?Once the necessary checks come, the actual plastic molding is easy to perform. Similarly, it generally takes place in heated barrels.

        plastic worm mold

        A list of the main types of molding includes:

        • injection molding
        • thermoforming molding
        • foaming molding
        • compression molding

        • sintering molding

        The main advantages consist in the high production rate, in the reusability of the molds even in subsequent times, in the low cost of processing, in the abundance of usable materials.

        The main disadvantages are the cost of the equipment, the cost of operation and the study time of the molds.

        More than 60 percent of serial and piece goods are made from various plastic worm mold.?The weight of the finished plastic part can be only a couple of milligrams, or it can reach several tons.?The range of parts is also quite extensive, from small parts used in microprocessors to large structures used as part of a structure.

        The casting of plastic products?is in great demand both among individuals and among various organizations.?Depending on the tasks and the purpose of the parts, casting can be performed in several ways.?Let's consider in more detail the most common of them.

        Thin-walled plastic worm mold casting

        Casting plastic products with thin walls requires careful attention to the design features of the cast part, as well as to the material of manufacture.?At the design stage, all calculations are performed on a computer in order to optimize the thickness of the part and its shape.

        Despite the fact that plastic worm mold technology requires special equipment and materials, with its help you can significantly save on consumables.?In addition, with thin-walled casting, the production cycle for one part does not exceed ten seconds, which makes it possible to manufacture large batches of products in a short time.

        Hot Channel Die Casting

        A more advanced plastic injection molding technology is the use of special hot runner molds.?These shapes are ideal for the manufacture of parts of high precision and quality.

        The special valve mechanism of the mold prevents the solidification of material residues on the surface of the product.?The injection of plastic is carried out in such a way as to prevent the sprue from separating from the finished product.

        In addition, with this method of casting, there is no production waste and all the plastic is used.?The most common products cast by this method are:

        • children's furniture;
        • furniture for public buildings:
        • furniture for retail outlets.

        Injection molding

        Plants for plastic injection molding are characterized by high productivity.?This equipment can use almost any type of plastic for the manufacture of parts.

        Adding to this work with complex shapes and the absence of the need for additional processing of products, we get the best option for mass production.?By the way, this casting method is quite applicable for small batches of parts, if custom-made plastics need to be cast quickly and with high quality.

        Plastic worm molding

        The last type of plastic product manufacturing that we will consider is blow molding.?This method is used mainly for the production of various plastic containers such as bottles or cans.

        With this method, depending on the equipment, it is possible to blow the billet in one or two directions.?Vessels that are inflated in two directions exhibit better mechanical and optical properties.

        Using plastic worm mold technology, you can get quality products with controlled wall thickness.?Neck dimensions are also under complete control and the finished product does not require further processing.

        Benefits of cooperation with professional company

        If you need to perform molding of plastic products, then ordering from professional company will give you a number of advantages:

        • execution of an order of any complexity and volume;
        • work is carried out in a short time and with maximum quality;
        • casting is performed on modern equipment.

        We will now see the methods to obtain plastic objects in various ways.

        The heating of the monomer is common to all processes so that, due to plasticity, the desired shape is obtained

        The application of melted polymer

        In this case, the polymer is introduced through a hopper that drops to the screw.?The spindle pushes the polymer that as it moves forward is heated by electrical resistances.

        Once at its destination, the melted polymer is placed in a mold that has a fixed and a movable plate.

        The polymer is introduced between both plates, it is left for a while to plastic worm moldcool down and when the movable plate is opened, the plastic piece comes out with the shape of the mold.

        Plastic extrusion molding


        In this method, the molten polymer pushes through the screw into the nozzle.?When leaving it takes the shape that the mouthpiece gives it.?At the outlet there is a cooling system.

        Compression molding

        The polymer comes in the form of granules, in a mold that contains a system to provide heat and keep it always warm.?The mold and counter mold join to heat the material and obtain the desired part

        Blow molding

        It is common in industry to make hollow parts such as bottles and certain containers.?

        Vacuum molding

        In plastic worm mold system, the starting point is a polymer sheet (red) that is placed on the mold, held by clamps.?As the air inside the mold extracts, the plastic descends. Moreover, it adopts the shape of the mold. Similarly, when the clamp opens up, we finally get the object.

        Plastic worm mold Adhesives.

        Generally, there is a wide variety of glues on the market with very specific applications.?Some adhesives, such as white wood glues, are specific for joining wood. And they are not useful for other types of materials. Similarly, others, such as epoxy resin, are more versatile and can join different materials.

        Basically, adhesives can be rigid or flexible.?Some join almost instantaneously while others need more time.?In addition, it is always important to see the instructions for use for a good bond

        As a general rule, the surfaces to be joined must be free of grease or dust.?Even skin oil can damage the bond.

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        What is the cheapest plastic crown molding method?

        What is the cheapest plastic crown molding method?

        Feb 15, 2021
        By hqt

        Plastic Molding Applications in Home Equipment

        plastic crown molding

        Why do you love the kitchen? The answer is very simple as a kitchen is the most important room in your home. You will obviously love to decorate it. The plastic crown molding?adds beauty with style and can make your kitchen as well as entire home a paradise to live. ?

        Moreover, having a beautiful kitchen means you are investing in your family’s health and happiness. So, installing crown molding can upgrade the style of your kitchen and home. Further, it can enhance the aesthetic appearance of its interior as well as the overall value of your home.

        This guide will help you to understand, should kitchen cabinets have crown molding? Moreover, does crown molding really add value to your house? Or is plastic molding still in style in 2021? Let’s begin! ???

        What is plastic crown molding?

        Plastic crown molding?is a special decorative element that you can easily install where the wall meets the ceiling. Moreover, you can also get these moldings in wood but plastic is more reliable and easier to install.

        You often see molding around doors and windows but crown molding adds a unique beauty and style to your kitchen and home as well. Its shape is just like wood. It has become one of the favorite options for builders and owners for their new homes and several other projects.

        If you use crown molding in your home, it will differentiate your home from several other apartments. Further, plastic crown molding is a special decorative architectural element that you can install where the wall meets the ceiling in your home.

        Does crown molding add value to a house?

        Plastic crown molding?is a unique fancy element that can highly increase your home value. In fact, if you are an art lover and crazy about the elegant looks of your kitchen then it will be your first preference.

        Plastic molding also has the ability to pop your paint colors. Moreover, it can also make your kitchen extra larger. It has beautiful designs and color ranges.

        So, you can easily select the designs that you want to decor your home from a wide variety of selections. Crown molding not only adds value and beauty to your home but also cover ceiling corners that can crack over time. ?

        Is plastic molding an ideal choice for the entire home?

        Although you can use plastic crown molding?anywhere in your home, we suggest it for your

        • Kitchen
        • Dining room
        • Living room
        • Bathroom
        • And the master bedroom.

        In fact, adding plastic molding to the above special rooms is highly sufficient to boost the value of your home. These small details can make your home a unique beauty among several other apartments.

        What are the different types of crown molding?

        Basically, installing crown molding has become today's most-pursued architectural upgrade. Further, it can give your plain walls great depth and formality.

        Nowadays there is a wide range of materials that manufacturers use to design these crown moldings. They use traditional plaster to high-tech flexible polymers for adding elegance and style.

        Here is a list of different types of plastic crown molding. So, you can easily select the material that you like to use in your kitchen or home as well.

        These are:

        • Solid Wood.

        What type of crown molding is best?

        Among several materials, crown molding that has designed using polyurethane is ideal for your home. Moreover, polyurethane crown molding is extremely useful to use in most installations.

        Basically, polyurethane material is one of the less expensive materials. In fact, it is more stable as well as is more rot- and insect-repellent in comparison to wood. You can also see that polyurethane comes in more elaborate, plaster-like profiles.

        Should kitchen cabinets have plastic crown molding?

        In fact, plastic crown molding?is an iconic look for conventional cabinets. Wall cabinets are usually left unfinished, so they need the finished look.

        Moreover, it applies to kitchens that can afford to have the molding installed. These moldings can make your kitchen more stylish as well as elegant. You can use crown molding and add beauty to your kitchen, bedroom as well as entire room.


        Kitchens that have a soffit typically cannot get it due to the restrictions of the depth of the soffit. You can use it on the top of traditional kitchen cabinets but it is not necessary only for the kitchen.

        Living and dining rooms are the main focus where you can also use crown molding. Further, you can make your homes more innovative using these moldings.

        Is plastic crown molding still in style 2021?

        Plastic crown molding?has become the most popular trend in recent years. It is so classy that its demand is increasing day by day. Moreover, crown molding is still in style in 2021. Crown molding is really helpful to popping up in home designs.

        Additionally, crown molding takes center stage and you can expect to see more options to select for your home or kitchen. These moldings have beautiful and rich colors that add glamor to your bedroom.

        Further, bold colors tend to always find their way into the popular home decor trends for each year whether it is 2020 or 2021.

        What is the going rate for installing crown molding?

        Plastic crown molding?is actually a horizontal trim that defines the area between the walls and the ceiling. Further, it is available in several designs, colors, as well as in different materials. It helps to make your home renovation project look complete.

        Basically, using crown molding is an uncomplicated way to finish a room or a kitchen. Moreover, the overall cost to install crown molding based on the size of your project and your location.

        Actually, the average cost to install plastic molding is $2.75 per linear foot, with a range between $2.20 to $3.31. Actually, the average cost to install plastic crown molding?is $2.75 per linear foot, with a range between $2.20 to $3.31.

        If you add the total price of the labor and materials per linear foot is $8.17. So, it comes in between $6.42 to $9.92.

        Which is the cheapest crown molding?

        There are generally several different kinds of plastic moldings that you can choose for your home. But not all kinds of crown molding are suitable for every project. So, you can choose according to your budget.

        Basically, medium-density fiberboard or MDF is an ideal option for inexpensive crown molding. Generally, MDF moldings are made of layers of wood pieces that are glued together under intense pressure and heat.

        As a result, MDF plastic crown molding?is dense, lightweight, and inexpensive molding. Further, you can paint, prime as well as install it like wood.

        Additional advantages of MDF plastic crown molding

        MDF crown moldings are very smooth and do not have grain or knots. So, they can give a consistent appearance and also being easy to handle and cut. In fact, MDF is not as light as polyurethane but it is lighter in comparison to wood moldings.

        So, this quality makes them easy for one person to install. Further, it comes in a wide range of different styles. So, you can choose and easily add a range of decors in your kitchen and the entire home. ?

        plastic T-molding 2021


        All in all, plastic crown molding?is extremely reliable and can be used in place of wood to decor your home and kitchen as well. Further, by using crown molding you can add height to your ceiling and attractive detail to your space. ?

        You will love to stay in the kitchen and will also enjoy cooking food for your loving family.

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        How to Install a Transition on Uneven Floors with plastic T-molding?

        How to Install a Transition on Uneven Floors with plastic T-molding?

        Feb 15, 2021
        By hqt

        What is T-molding?

        plastic T-molding

        Plastic T-molding?is a useful process for the transitioning of the two floors having equal height. It is the process to equalize the flow of two floors when they have different natures. The trim molding acts as a source of transition between the two different floors and rooms. Moreover, it also increases the streamlined flow of the floors.

        This process is also helpful for the floors that are vulnerable to the humidity effects. The humidity can cause the floor to expand or contract. The expanding and contracting properties are most common in the floors constituting the hardwood. However, the other floors also show the impacts of humidity in expansion and contraction forms.


        What is plastic trim called?


        The plastic trims have a lot of applications and use in different fields of industry. The trims made of plastic have common use in appliances, transport equipment, consumer products, and construction equipment. The extruded plastic trims are products that come into existence by the process of plastic T-molding

        The manufacturers can apply the plastic trim molding in numerous profiles and materials. Moreover, many finishes and geometries also have the application of plastic trim molding. The plastic trims include the seat trim edges and decorative trim. The use of trims is wide and tremendous in the covering of sharp edges.




        Can I glue a transition strip?


        There are two methods in which you can stick the transition strip to the floor. One method is to glue the transition strip to the floor with the help of liquid nails. The other method is the utilization of the track attached to it. We can attach the transition strip with the help of this track. However, if we use the nails for this purpose, we should use the nails to the underside of the transition strip.


        When should I choose T molding?


        The process of T-molding is the best option when you have two floors of equal height in your home. T-molding is a common method of connecting the two floors efficiently. However, it allows the floors to breathe in the cases of expansion and contraction. We can attach these trims to the floors either gluing them or using the track.

        T-molding is a type of transition molding for the floors. It has become very common to make the floors streamline and enhance their flow. It also gives a clean and attractive look to the floors and rooms. In most cases, we use it for enhancing the look of the transitional spaces in our homes.

        plastic T-molding 2021

        Do you need T-molding between rooms?


        We should use the T-molding between the rooms for the transitions and expansion breaks. The reasons for the use of T-molding in the floors are humidity, weight, and span limitations. When the humidity of the floor becomes greater than 55%, the floor can expand naturally. It is the common cause of the expansion of the floors.

        However, in the cases of the presence of humidity along with the weight of placement, the floor can lift off the surface from the center without any arrangement. Some floors like bamboo are heavyweight and the process of transition with the help of T-molding prevents the uplifting and buckling of the floors.


        How Much Space Do You Leave for a Laminate Flooring Transition Molding?


        It is an important point to consider that how much space is accurate for the laminate flooring transition. Mostly, it is the common question by people that how we should determine the range of space for the transition of laminate flooring. Because many problems arise due to the inaccurate placement and transition trims and inaccurate space.

        If we use too much transition space for these laminate floors, the subfloor can become visible. On the other hand, if we use a small position for these transitions of laminate flooring, it can cause the lifting off or buckle of the floor. The solution to this problem is that we should use the correct size of the transition piece for this purpose.

        Moreover, the correct and standard spacing will also allow the expansion and contraction of the floor in different weather conditions. If we measure the width for the base of the flooring, we can use the correct spacing for this floor.


        Is plastic T-molding a type of transition molding?


        The plastic T-molding is a part of transition molding for the floors. It is an important requirement when there is a need for the transition between the two floors. If one of the two floors is a tiled floor and the other is a laminate floor, the selection of T-molding is the best option for the transition. However, to resolve the issue of inaccurate spacing, we should use the transition strip of 2 inches and the standard height that is 5/8 inch.

        Moreover, the width for the base of the floor should range from 1/2 inch to 3/4 inches. If you have done this, then you should leave the space of 1 inch to allow the base of the floor to accommodate in a balanced way. This will be effective in the transition of the flooring materials. Moreover, it will allow the smooth contraction and expansion and would not allow the visibility of the subfloor.


        How much does T molding cost for arcade cabinets?


        Most arcade cabinets use T-molding present around the edges of the arcades. However, the most common type of edging is rubber edging that makes it more attractive and majestic. In this process, T is the representation of the edges of the cross-section which can stick to the edges of the arcade machine.

        The groves or cut slots have an important role in the process of plastic T-molding. The grove or cut slot is essential for every edge of the arcade cabinet. The router is helpful in the cutting of slots. Moreover, the slot is appropriate in the middle portion and should have the right width. The slot is the main issue in the process of T-molding because the slot should have the right size.


        How do you install plastic T molding?


        In the process of installing the plastic T-molding, the first step is the cutting of the slot. We can add the T-molding once we have the side art on. In the first step, we should start with the hammering of a pin. It helps it to keep in the place to move to the next steps. Then, we can tap the T-molding from all the sides with the help of a rubber mallet.

        This step moves in a straight manner if we keep an eye on the angles and bends. If the T-molding bends out at some places, we should use a Stanly knife to cut the nick at the ridge. The other method for the bending of T-molding is to form a cut of V shape. This will allow the T-mold to bend in on itself.

        However, the process of forming the V cut is a tricky process. It seems tricky on your first attempt and the degree is about an angle of 90 degrees from the wood.

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        DIY Method to Make Plastic Bait Molds at Home

        DIY Method to Make Plastic Bait Molds at Home

        Feb 15, 2021
        By hqt

        Today on sale there is a huge variety of all kinds of silicone lures and plastic bait molds. The popularity of such baits among anglers is increasing, and this is not surprising, because they show good results in fishing.

        Fishermen are savvy people and have learned not only to repair broken silicone tips, but also to make them on their own, thereby saving the family budget. Among other things, with homemade manufacturing, you can seriously replenish the angler's assortment. To learn how to make silicone baits on your own, you need to know some features and secrets.

        What are the benefits of homemade plastic bait molds?

        Having learned how to make silicone tips on their own, each angler discovers a number of advantages and benefits:

        • Every fisherman can make exactly those silicone tips that, in his opinion, are most effective when fishing for one or another fish;
        • The angler can determine the shapes and sizes of homemade silicone baits by himself, because quite often there are situations when the silicone nozzles needed in size and shape are not in the store;
        • The angler himself can make silicone baits of the colors he needs;
        • Among other things, you can independently make silicone baits with a wide variety of aromas and tastes;
        • The angler saves his money;
        • If desired, the angler can put the production of homemade silicone baits on the stream, and make good money on this.

          Plastic Bait Molds

        ?Repair of silicone plastic bait molds

        When fishing with plastic bait molds, it often happens that they become damaged.?Fishermen carry out the process of repairing such baits on their own, in several ways.

        If the breakdown needs to be fixed right on the fishing trip, then the fishermen use ordinary matches or a lighter, they simply heat two parts of the broken silicone bait, and then press them together and hold them until they cool completely.?With such a repair, it is very important not to overdo it and not overheat the silicone.

        In some cases, anglers use glue, but at the same time the gluing site becomes much less elastic, and this state of affairs has a very bad effect on the parameters of the game of the repaired silicone bait.

        If you repair silicone at home, this is possible with a soldering iron, thus, it is possible to achieve better heating of the joint, among other things, and you can correct the shape of the silicone nozzle that has repaired.

        What will be needed to make your own silicone bait?

        In order to establish the production of plastic bait molds?on his own, the angler should stock up on the following components:

        • The actual silicone itself
        • You need gypsum
        • Containers for gypsum
        • Scales
        • You should also prepare soap, preferably liquid in nature
        • Syringe
        • Dies for the casting process
        • Dyes necessary for the angler
        • Samples

        How and where to get the silicone itself?

        The easiest way to replenish stocks of silicone for casting silicone baits is to simply remit existing and completely unusable silicone tips.?You can remit such silicone on a gas stove, in a water bath, or in a microwave oven.


        You can use the purchase of silicone to make silicone baking dishes and other products, but in this case the forms themselves are tough, but they will last a very long time.

        How to properly melt plastic bait molds?

        To make silicone lures on his own, the angler should know that when excessively heated, silicone loses its characteristics. The best way to melt silicone for fishing lures is a microwave. It is in it that you can set the required melting temperature, which can also be found on the Internet.

        You can also use a water bath on a gas stove, but this method is more laborious and requires special care from the manufacturer. Among other things, when heating, you should add fat, salt, various attractants and similar enhancers of taste and aroma.

        Molds for casting silicone baits

        The process of casting plastic bait molds?will not be possible without molds. Moreover, the forms consist of gypsum or plexiglass. Plexiglass molds are very difficult to make at home, but plaster molds are quite simple to make. Moreover, the matrices are either one-sided or two-sided.

        One-sided shapes are most suitable for those silicone lures that do not have any complex shapes. To begin with, a body has to assemble, into which the plaster mold is to pour, after pouring the plaster, the sample immerses in it, while pre-lubricating it for easier pulling out.

        Casting silicone baits

        Lures such as vibro tails and many others are best cast using double-sided molds. At the same time, the manufacture of such matrices is practically identical to the manufacture of forms of a one-sided nature, but the sample has fill in only half. Double-sided molds are most suitable for casting silicone lures with complex shapes.

        When making a matrix, remember that you need to leave special grooves, where silicone will subsequently be poured. It is best to fill the silicone with a syringe. You can make a silicone bait of two colors, but then you will need to stock up on two syringes.

        To independently make different silicone plastic bait molds?with your own hands, you must first make matrices for each type of such baits. After pouring the silicone into the mold and letting it cool, place the silicone tip in cold water to give it more elasticity. Then all that remains is to attach hooks to such homemade silicone baits, and the bait is ready for fishing.

        Soft baits for every taste and color

        There are?many silicone baits available.?They differ in many aspects - not only in a different shape, which affects the nature of the vibrations.?Color and attractant are equally important - they contribute to the emergence of an irresistible desire in predatory fish to attack the bait.?

        Let's talk about the last two characteristics in more detail.


        Classic white and yellow

        The two traditional colors in which the first silicone baits painted are white and yellow.?They have high contrast and are easy to make from one material.?The lures of these flowers attract the attention of many predatory fish and are indispensable when used in troubled waters.

        Red head

        Some white soft plastic bait molds?have a red head. Red imitates blood and attracts the attention of predatory fish. Fishing enthusiasts nicknamed them "Marlboro".

        Plastic Bait Molds 2021

        Natural color

        These lures are characterized by the imitation of the color and color of certain fish. Most often it is roach and, in particular, perch, whose striped color is taken as the basis for many colors.

        Glitter is used to imitate the special sheen of roach scales and bleak.


        Bright colors have become available in recent years. The use of orange, acid green, and pink can go a long way towards attracting predatory fish or when fishing in deep waters and muddy waters.

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        Why Automation of Plastic Molding is Important?

        Why Automation of Plastic Molding is Important?

        Nov 18, 2020
        By hqt

        6 Benefits That Would Make You Want to Automate Your Plastic Molding Process Today!

        Automation in Plastic molding is experiencing a rising trend. Automated plastic molding machines made up 32% of all the machines?sold in 2019, which has risen from 18% in 2010. Many ambitious molders opt for automated plastic-molding machines for the efficiency that the robots confer upon this process.

        What is Plastic Molding?

        If you are here looking for benefits of automation in plastic molding, chances are you already know what plastic-molding is. But still, let us brush up your knowledge a bit, and then we'll get to the pros in a moment.

        Plastic moulding is a process of converting molten plastics into well-defined shapes and sizes. The injection molding machine melts granular plastics first. And then, it injects the molten polymer into a mold of any shape and size.


        After being injected into the mold, the machine applies pressure to the molten plastic and cools. This way, the plastic solidifies and takes the shape of the cavity inside the mold. The mold then opens up, drops the plastic piece, and closes for the next 'shot,' and completes one cycle of the process.

        A typical production cycle can take anywhere from 2 seconds to up to 120 seconds to complete.

        What is Automation in Plastic Molding?

        Automation of a process translates into the integration of innovative technology and smart robotics into any process. An automated process offers increased productivity, capacity, and efficiency compared to a non-automated, fully manual process.

        The world is getting more involved in developing ultra-modern technology. People?want technology?to aid humans in every field and reap smart and efficient robots' benefits. The injection molding industry keeps up with the fast-paced world and takes immense interest in the automation of their processes.

        Automation of the plastic moulding process gives the molders an edge over their competitors who are?yet to integrate automation with their process. Now, to efficiently compete with their 'automated' peers, more and more molders are handing their processes over to the robots.

        How is Automation Enhancing the Plastic Molding Process?

        Automation is effectively augmenting the plastic-molding process by decreasing cycle times and ensuring consistency in product quality. Here are just a few of the many advantages that justify why plastic moulding automation is imperative in today's world.

        1.?Increases Productivity

        Employing robots to perform specific tasks in your injection molding process will lead to increased productivity. Unlike humans, robots never sleep. They never take breaks. Moreover, they don't need to go home after their shift is over.?Hence,?an automized plastic-molding process can stay in operation throughout the day, seven days a week.

        Therefore, by automizing the molding process, you can keep manufacturing and selling products without frequent breaks and enjoy increased revenue.


        2.?Increases Production Capacity

        With increased productivity comes increased production capacity. Automated machines are capable of producing plastic-molded parts at a much higher rate than manual machines can. The increase in production rate is because automated machines work faster, without a pause. Thus, they are often capable of producing thousands of perfectly molded plastic pieces in just one day!

        3.?Ensures Consistency in Product Quality and Specifications

        Humans tend to make mistakes. It is normal. But a mistake is not just a mistake in the plastic moulding industry. It is a loss—a loss of time, effort, and of course, money. In manual molding processes, chances of the product specifications deviating from customer-defined parameters are high, which leads to losses in terms of lead time and raw material.

        However, once programmed appropriately, machines can roll out plastic parts in every cycle that match exactly with the specifications fed to the machine—thus adding consistency to the molding process's throughput.

        4.?Automation Minimizes Cost

        The common idea associated with plastic moulding automation is that it is bound to cost you an arm and a leg to get robots to do the tasks that human workers are already doing.

        However, contrary to this belief, integrating automated machines in your process saves you a lot of money. How? Firstly, a single machine takes the place of multiple workers, which means you save on the cost that you may spend on these workers' salaries and other incentives.

        Moreover, an automated plastic molding process produces fewer defective parts, which means you save money on the raw material. Furthermore, since automizing optimizes the entire process, this means robots will yield a significant return on investment very quickly.

        5.?Optimizes the Process.

        Automating?your plastic molding process is a sure-fire way to optimize the entire process. Automated plastic moulding machines produce high-quality parts in every cycle, yielding fewer plastic parts to discard. Consistent-quality production saves a lot of raw material that would've otherwise been wasted if the produced part was defected and rejected.

        Moreover, automizing the plastic moulding process saves up a lot of labor as machines clean any leftover plastic that tends to solidify in the mold. They also load molded plastic parts on the conveyers. Thus, they eliminate the need for humans to do such primitive tasks and allow you to assign your?human workforce tasks out of the machines' performance scope.

        6.?Lowers the Risk of Workplace Injuries

        An industry such as the plastic molding industry that involves a lot of heat in the form of molten plastic and heated plastic parts runs a high risk of worker injury.

        Moreover, the plastic molding process requires repetitive tasks such as removing molded-plastic?parts and loading them on a conveyor. Then packing them and preparing them for shipping. All of these tasks are not only tedious but monotonous and excruciatingly exhaustive. Thus, they may lead to elevated-stress injuries among the workers.

        Therefore, by employing automated machines to do all the highly repetitive tasks, you can save your workers from work-related injuries and utilize their capabilities in a more productive and less physically exhausting area, such as operating the machines or programming the robots.


        Final Thought

        Most people often criticize robots and automated machines for stealing human jobs. However, the reality lies at the opposite end of this spectrum. An automated plastic moulding process does not replace humans with robots, but they create better higher-paying jobs.

        These robots control the potentially harmful aspects of the processes. And allow humans to control and monitor the process while staying far from their life-threatening aspects.

        Moreover, they prevent exhaustion and stress injuries among workers by performing repetitive tasks that are the trademark of the plastic moulding industry efficiently without getting tired.

        Thus, the automation of plastic moulding has innumerable virtues not only for the plastic molding owners but for the workers as well. Automated machines reduce human downtime, lead time, cycle time and increase profits, all the while ensuring proper health and safety of the workers

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        The gross profit margin of kechuang board companies exceeds 50%, and the pharmaceutical industry ranks first

        The gross profit margin of kechuang board companies exceeds 50%, and the pharmaceutical industry ranks first

        Jul 03, 2020
        By hqt

        China Net Finance Daily, May 29 (Reporter Guo Medicine, Intern, Zhu Zhengxue) The establishment of the Kechuang Board has brought more opportunities for a display to many prominent R&D kechuang board enterprises. According to the iFinD statistics of Flush Huan, as of May 28, 105 companies have been listed on the kechuang Board. The average gross profit margins of these companies in 2017-2019 were 51.77%, 52.63%, and 53.49%, respectively. The trend is that competitiveness continues to increase, and in 2019, more than 100 companies have positive returns on net assets.

        Median gross margin exceeds 50%

        Gross profit margin is one of the important indicators to measure product competitiveness and profitability. In 2019, the average gross profit margin of 105 listed companies of kechuang board companies was 53.49%, and the median gross profit margin reached 50.32%, which was also an increase from 2018. The gross profit margin of all companies exceeds 10%, and the interest rate of 39 companies is above 60%, accounting for 37.14%.

        Among them, Baolan ranked first with a gross profit margin of 96.46%, and Microchip Biotech ranked second with a gross profit margin of 95.81%. In addition, the gross profit margins of 52 companies such as Amethyst Storage, Ruichuang Weina, and Platinum are between 30%-60%. It is worth noting that the 55 companies of Kechuang Board Company Bannan New Pharma, and Pumen Technology have improved their gross profit margin in 2019 compared with 2018, and 33 of them have increased their gross profit margins from 2017 to 2019.

        According to Shenwan's first-level classification, since the establishment of the kechuang board, there are 105 listed companies, mainly concentrated in 19 sub-industries, such as non-metallic minerals, pharmaceuticals, and special equipment manufacturing, including pharmaceuticals. Compared with 2018, the average gross profit margin of 12 industries including the technology service industry and food manufacturing industry has increased in 2019.


        Four of the top 10 companies in the gross profit margin of Kechuang Board are concentrated in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, software, and information technology services, and there are also special equipment manufacturing industries. The top 10 companies with a net return on equity are mainly concentrated in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, followed by the software and information technology services industry and the computer, communications, and other electronic equipment manufacturing industries.

        Gross margins generally increase

        In 2019, among the 19 sub-sectors of the Science and Technology Innovation Board, the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry ranked first in the industry with an average gross profit margin of 72.12%, and it has increased from 2018. Multiple policy support and planning.

        Specifically, in addition to Zejing Pharmaceuticals not yet profitable, the average gross profit margin of 13 other companies in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry can reach 77.66%, and the gross profit margins of 10 companies including Tebao Biological, Huaxi Biological, Haohai Shengke, and Borui Pharmaceutical All are concentrated in more than 70%, of which the core gross profit rate of Weixin is the highest, reaching 95.81%, which is the leading enterprise in the industry.

        As shown, the average gross profit margin of the software and information technology services industry will be the second in the industry in 2019 and 2018, and 2019 will increase compared to 2018. In 2017, the "Software and Information Technology Services" Industry Development Plan (2016-2020) released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology provided guidance and financial support for the national software and information technology services industry, which is of great significance for promoting the development of the industry.

        As of now, there are 19 listed companies in the technology board software and information technology service industries. The average gross profit margin of the industry in 2019 reached 66.04%. The gross profit margins of 11 companies such as Hongruan, Kingsoft Office, and Shanshiwangke all exceeded 60%. Among them, Baolan's gross profit margin was 96.46%.

        In addition, the special equipment manufacturing industry has also achieved the average gross profit margin for two consecutive years and ranks in the forefront of the industry. Among the 22 companies listed in this industry, 12 gross profit margins are mainly concentrated in the range of 40%-70%, accounting for 54.55%. The gross profit margin of the other five companies was higher than 70%, accounting for 22.73%. Huafeng Measurement & Control, Xinmai Medical, Ruisong Technology, and other 11 companies have gross margins in 2019 exceeding 2018, and gross profit margins are in the improvement stage.

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        Guangdong launches action plan to build a high-end equipment manufacturing base

        Guangdong launches action plan to build a high-end equipment manufacturing base

        Jul 03, 2020
        By hqt

        Guangdong is a major manufacturing province with a complete range of industries. However, in the process of industrial transformation and upgrading, "bottleneck" issues such as core technologies remain prominent. Recently, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology released the "Guangdong Province Development Plan for Cultivating High-end Equipment Manufacturing Industry" (2021-2025, draft for comments) recommending that it be transformed into manufacturing high-end CNC machine tools, aerospace equipment, satellites, and their applications. Railway transportation equipment, marine engineering equipment, and other important bases for manufacturing high-end equipment nationwide.

        The solicitation draft proposes that by 2025, Guangdong will establish multiple national and provincial innovation centers and laboratories to promote breakthroughs in key technologies and key components in key areas. The annual income of the high-end equipment manufacturing industry will increase by more than 6%. Cultivate a group of industry leaders with international influence and independent brand value.

        The consultation draft shows that Guangdong has now cultivated a number of equipment manufacturing enterprises and emerging enterprises, and its economic growth has been ranked first in the country for 30 years. But at the same time, the development of the high-end equipment manufacturing industry also faces many challenges: including the key core technology is constrained by people, independent research and development and innovation capabilities are insufficient, the problem of "jam neck" is still prominent; the foundation of heavy equipment is relatively weak, the industrial supporting system is not perfect, and high-end CNC systems, High-reliability electric spindles, cutting tools and other key components depend on the existing supporting equipment, and the large-scale overall machine enterprises are seriously insufficient in their relevance and supporting capacity to small and medium-sized enterprises.

        The consultation draft pointed out that Guangdong's high-end equipment manufacturing industry is in a critical period of transforming from element-driven to innovation-driven to digital, networked, and intelligently upgraded. It will pass five key tasks and five key projects. Complete the development goal of maximizing high-end equipment manufacturing in 2021-2025.

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        Tang Yue, Deputy to the National People's Congress and Chairman of Chutian Technology: Promoting the R&D of Biopharmaceutical Equipment to Meet the

        Tang Yue, Deputy to the National People's Congress and Chairman of Chutian Technology: Promoting the R&D of Biopharmaceutical Equipment to Meet the "Era of Pharmaceutical Industry 4.0

        Jul 03, 2020
        By hqt

        ⊙Reporter Xia Zihang ○ Editor Xu Rui

        Just as the National People's Congress deputy, Chu Tian Technology Chairman Tang Yue foresaw a few years ago, where the pharmaceutical industry is fully entering the "pharmaceutical industry 4.0 era." In his view, it is very important to deepen the public health reform of the disease control system, establish a modern disease control management system, and accelerate the development of biopharmaceutical equipment.

        Develop pharmaceutical equipment to help prevent and control COVID-19

        "The new coronavirus, which has a high infection rate, a long incubation period, and multiple transmission routes, poses a huge challenge to the world's pharmaceutical industry." Tang Yue said.

        At this year's two national conferences, Tang Yue put forward "suggestions on accelerating the development of biopharmaceutical equipment and improving local disease prevention and control capabilities." "Biopharmaceuticals are an important part of the national economy and have a closer relationship with people's livelihood. The main popular figure Tang Yue said that at present, the gap between the level of domestic biotechnology and biopharmaceutical core equipment is far from the world's advanced level.

        In response to this problem, Tang Yue suggested that the state should introduce supporting policies to encourage the development of biopharmaceutical equipment, focusing on enhancing the emergency production capacity of epidemic prevention and control products; further promoting traditional Chinese medicine, accelerating the research level of Chinese medicine preparation equipment, and promoting Chinese medicine preparation equipment Quickly realize automation, digitalization, and intelligent upgrades; at the same time, encourage school-enterprise cooperation to achieve integrated development of production, education, and research, make full use of talents from universities, research institutes, R&D, technological advantages, and enterprise platforms and market advantages, and actively promote R&D and production, Close cooperation in sales.

        The arrival of "the era of pharmaceutical industry 4.0"

        A few years ago, Tang Yue said to the Shanghai Securities Journal reporter that in the future, the medical equipment industry will usher in a continuous huge dividend in the world, that is, "pharmaceutical industry 4.0" and the upgrading of pharmaceutical intelligent manufacturing. The direction of development will be obvious after 5 years, and there will be changes in the outline after 10 years. In Tang Yue's view, "Pharmaceutical Industry 4.0" can greatly reduce the hidden dangers of medical safety.

        According to reports, pharmaceutical intelligent manufacturing and "Pharmaceutical Industry 4.0" can realize real-time, online, full-range, all-round automatic monitoring of pharmaceutical manufacturing and circulation consumption, and automatically generate data (and cannot be tampered with), automatically read data, Automatically store data to the cloud, zero delays, no dead ends, no blind spots. According to the authorization of the law, regulatory authorities, drug producers, and consumers can consult and retrieve relevant data.

        Tang Yue believes that in the future, high-end pharmaceutical equipment, "pharmaceutical industry 4.0" and intelligent manufacturing will be regarded as "rigid demand" for pharmaceutical factories. Based on long-term foresight, Chutian Technology has successfully developed some intelligent pharmaceutical production robots and related production lines using automation and information technology and is transforming into an EPC service provider that builds a "pharmaceutical industry 4.0" smart factory overall solution.

        The 2019 annual report shows that Chutian Technology's industrial layout has begun to show its advantages. The traditional advantage of Chutian Technology lies in the liquid pharmaceutical equipment, and its production and sales are at the forefront of the industry; Chutian Huatong, a wholly-owned subsidiary, is a professional research and development of pure steam generator, multi-effect distilled water machine, purified water preparation system, and other products. Manufactured pharmaceutical equipment manufacturing enterprise; Military Pharmaceutical Engineering Design Service of Sichuan Pharmaceutical Design Institute, a wholly-owned subsidiary; Chutian Robot, the holding subsidiary's main products are medical and medical robots; in 2019, Chutian Technology has added an intelligent Chinese medicine machinery product line.

        Chutian Technology recently stated on the interactive platform that Sichuan Pharmaceutical Design Institute, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, has the design and construction capabilities of the P3 Biosafety Laboratory. During the epidemic prevention and control period, Sichuan Medical Design Institute undertook the design of the high-level biosecurity laboratory (P3) of the Eighth People's Hospital of Guangzhou City, which was highly recognized by hospital experts.

        Currently, Chutian Technology is planning a follow-up merger and acquisition of ROMACO. ROMACO is currently the seventh-largest medical equipment company in the world and a senior solid preparation packaging manufacturer. Its products have entered more than 100 countries and regions in the world.

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        In the Internet age, how does the medical

        In the Internet age, how does the medical "couple shop" live?

        Jul 02, 2020
        By hqt

        "At the time I was being consulted and my wife was dispensing medicine. When I am the busiest, I will call my cousin to take care of them. Many people in the village come here to see a doctor. "
        Speaking of which, Dr. Li's hand in the clinic shook slightly. But the white coat and hair still maintain the rigor of the past, meticulous.

        The plaque after the unified reconstruction of the streets has faded, and the outer walls are covered with medical notices and aftertastes of Chinese medicine and disinfection water. All the decorations are the same as the older Dr. Li and his wife: traditional, stubborn, and deadly.

        This is a typical small self-employed clinic with a couple of "1 doctor + 1 pharmacist", which is what most medical "couple shops" look like.

        "Now that the nurse has resigned, you must clean and disinfect yourself. You can get full every month." Dr. Li took off his glasses, drank strong tea, and took a long breath.

        In the half-day of the interview, there was indeed only one guest in the pharmacy in front of us to buy Band-Aid. In addition, most of the time, Dr. Li and his wife Jiang Yaoji are studying how to use the latest online purchase software. As far as the two old doctors are concerned, the learning process is not simple. Finally, they still had to embarrassingly choose to call the service staff of the original pharmaceutical company.

        However, once started, the sales staff will follow the software introduction and "enthusiastically" recommend Dr. Li to participate in the clinic upgrade project, and encourage: "Several clinics in your area have joined, and your traditional clinic is outdated. No, It doesn’t matter, we can come over to help you personally."


        In response, Dr. Li refused without thinking. He hung up the phone, turned back to "the theory of relativity intelligence," and asked: "I don't understand. In the hospital, our old doctors are also somewhat famous, and the registration fee is a few yuan more expensive. Now that the Internet is coming, should we damn it? "

        "Dare you dare to see a doctor on the Internet?"

        Before opening his own clinic, Dr. Li was an orthodox medical student of that era and the successor dean of a township hospital.

        “After I took office in 2005, the hospital was sold. I couldn’t do anything except seeing a doctor, so I rented a house and opened a clinic. I was in charge of injections, and my wife became a pharmacist. Whenever It is very busy at noon, often eating cold meals or not eating at all. There is no way, once the patient enters the door, we must receive him immediately."

        But with this desperate hard work and excellent medical skills, this small clinic of only a few tens of square meters became famous locally in only one year. In 2010, Dr. Li simply bought a facade and expanded the clinic on "his own place".

        "He looks fierce. In fact, he has always been an idealist. Those who do not need injections only need oral medicine. In the past SARS, this medicine was very expensive. If you give him more money, he still gets angry. There are six to seven clinics on this street, familiar (people) come often (Dr. Li's clinic), and people who often come from nearby cities..." Li's neighbor quietly asked "Intelligent Relativity".

        However, when a company is doing too well, the capital that exudes "fishy smell" will always squeeze into this field and start to compete. In the eyes of capitalists, even life-saving medical treatment is nothing but "business."

        Data from the China Health Statistics Yearbook show that between 2010 and 2017, the number of clinics in non-public grassroots medical and health institutions increased from 173,434 to 211,572, an increase of about 22%. The proportion of the total number of institutions rose from 41% to 54%.

        Also at that time, Dr. Li and his wife felt that the (clinic) became more and more difficult to do.

        Especially in June 2015, "Several Policies and Measures for Promoting the Rapid Development of Social Medical Treatment" (hereinafter referred to as "Measures") was issued. The state proposed to insist on opening medical treatment and implemented "non-prohibited entry" for social capital After the gradual progress, the feeling becomes more obvious.

        The "solution" divides qualified social medical institutions into the scope of medical insurance fixed points and implements the same policies as public medical institutions. This solves the medical insurance problem, and also allows the Internet operation model to explode rapidly after the capital officially enters the market, making medical "self-employed" even more difficult to chase.

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        Overcome the core technology of meltblown cloth to achieve multi-spec mass production

        Overcome the core technology of meltblown cloth to achieve multi-spec mass production

        Jul 02, 2020
        By hqt

        Since the outbreak of new pneumonia worldwide, meltblown fabrics have multiplied and become the core material of medical protective masks. In order to ensure that the Boomingshing medical production line of Changhong Technology's subsidiary needs to produce 3 million pieces of mask raw materials every day, and save procurement costs, and make full use of Changhong's powerful mold technology background technology, the group chairman Li Huanchang decided to establish on April 15, 2020. A technical team supporting the research and development of melt-blown fabrics to overcome the precision spinneret technology of melt-blown fabric molds and the production technology of high-temperature injection molding spray glue. The goal is to produce and sell core raw materials.



        The first stage, to overcome the core technology of precision spinneret

        This task of research and development and production of precision molds has been transferred to its subsidiary Shanghai Changmei Precision Moulds Ltd. On April 15, after receiving the task, Xu Yanping, the general manager of the company, personally selected the technical backbone to form a research and development team. It took only 3 days on April 18 to overcome the precise processing technology of the melter nozzle spinneret and complete the smooth assembly of the 600-hole nozzle module with high efficiency and high quality. Subsequent assembly of various specifications and models, such as 600-type aperture (0.15mm, 0.20mm, 0.25mm, 0.30mm), 1600-type aperture (0.20mm, 0.25mm, 0.30mm).




        The second stage, to overcome the high-temperature injection molding production technology

        In the coronavirus disease, time is life. On May 2, 2020, the melt-blown fabric production workshop began construction day and night at Changhong Technology's Shenzhen Pingshan Plant, and the equipment installation was completed con May 7 in only 6 days. Xu Yanping, general manager of the company, personally stationed on the front line of the workshop and worked hard with the process engineer to debug the day and night process. On May 8th, he overcame the production technology of high-temperature injection molding of melt-blown cloth. The best combination, 6 production lines to achieve smooth production. Meltblown cloth PFE99 (32L/min, 15pa/cm2), specifications (150, 175, 260), weight (0.22, 0.25, 0.30, 0.40), after testing and certification to achieve industry-leading excellent quality, daily capacity can be reached after capacity release 10 tons +, fully meet the self-production and sales demand of disposable medical masks, N95 mask raw material supply chain.

        Changhong Technology is ingenious in fighting against epidemic disease, and we are all committed to the city. We have been working hard to provide high-quality products and services and work tirelessly for the cause of human health!



        Shenzhen Changhong Technology Co., Ltd.

        May 30, 2020

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