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    96 Well Plate WP0.5ML Gene Sequencing Plate

    • Customer :Quest Diagnostics
    • Category :Medical Products
    • Date :September 6, 2017
    • Status :Normal
    • Address :United States


    Product Features:

    1. High-purity polypropylene material is used, which has excellent chemical compatibility and is suitable for the storage of most polar organic solutions, acidic and alkaline solutions and other laboratory liquids;
    2. The flatness is high, the thickness of the sidewall and the bottom of the board are uniform, the pore size is the same, and it can be sealed with self-adhesive, silicone seal and heat-sealing film;
    3. High temperature and high-pressure sterilization, 121°C, 20psi, no deformation for 20 minutes;
    4. No RNA/DNA enzyme pollution, no pyrogenicity, no endotoxin;
    5. All are produced and packaged in a dust-free workshop to ensure stable product quality.

    Undesirable phenomenon: the side of the product factory is seriously deformed by inward concave, the flatness is 0.2mm, the actual measurement is 0.38mm, and the judgment is NG (as shown in the figure).


    Reason: The position of the product inlet is too upwards, the plastic fluidity is decreased during injection molding, and the injection pressure is increased to fill the product completely, which results in large injection pressure and large internal stress in the displacement position. After molding, the product deforms. The outward appearance of the product deforms inwardly. (The details are as follows).


    What We Did

    The CHT precision medical series provide customers with a one-stop service, from the initial structural proposal of the product to the mold design and manufacturing, and finally to the finished product packaging and shipment.

    We have our own 10,000-level dust-free laboratory, 100,000-level dust-free purification workshop, fully automatic manufacturing, German management, and also have independent research and development products.

    • Solution One
      The position of the glue inlet changes and the rubber inlet is set up by 5mm on the ground (as shown in the figure on the right).
    • Solution Two
      The position of the gate location changes and the rubber inlet is set up by 5mm on the ground (as shown in the figure on the right).
    • Solution Three
      The diameter of the glue inlet increases from ?0.3 to ?0.5.
    96 Well Plate WP0.5ML Gene Sequencing Plate

    Final Results

    The concave deformation of the axial side is relatively small, the flatness reaches 0.12mm, and it is judged ok.